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VMA Productions is a multifaceted New York City / Los Angeles based audio and music production company. Since 1997, VMA provides audio and music services designed to cover all stages of any project -- we write and produce award-winning original music for all kinds of media (films, television, theater, dance, commercials...); we provide pop and classical arranging and orchestrations (all styles), professional music engraving (score preparation / parts), cutting edge audio and sound design / audio post-production, affordable state-of-art professional DVD/CD mastering services (huge discounts to indie artists and record labels), and more.

ARTISTS SERVICES (Production and Promotion): VMA and its associates are available to assist artists and/or independent labels with production (evaluation, recording and mixing), personally designed music career development and consulting, national and international promotion and publicity. Other services include: visual image consulting, music industry ready photography, and website design.

1997-2015 VMA Productions, Inc. / All rights reserved. 


Welcome to VMA: Affordable professional music services: Artists: publicity - promotion. Music company in the USA serving the entire entertainment business aspects. Production - Audio CD Mastering - Publicity for Musicians - Publicicts. Professional services, highly reccommended (see our industry clients page). Specialized in service on movie productions / midi, film soundtrack composition and production - sound design: best theater sound designers in New York / NYC. Composition jobs include arranging - 0rchestration. Orchestrators: createyou own orchestration. Aso available - affordable discs / CDs. Also a preparation business. Film / TV Scoring - Jingles - Theater / Dance - Games / Multimedia - Orchestrations - Preparation (Sheets) - Sound Design / Effects - Recording / Professional CD Mastering - Other Services - Affordable Web Design - About - Prices - Jingles - VMA Clients - Contact Us. Click musical sheets to press release and/or press kit. Sheets and score preparation in NYC, New York City --- Page 2: find jingle composer or license music for movie - license for films - in New York / licensing library - services - listen to jingle. The VMA website bookstore is full of affordable books, orchestration magazines / theater career. Create an environment where can you get news and internet exposure: affordable web design fro musicians. Page 3: jingle licensing. Page 4: Promotion: Rap publicity, Hip Hop promotion - Music Consulting - Career Guidance. Where can I find image / photography services? Here: a career of services in production and award winning soundtracks is to find. Film library: pre-cleared compositions. Others: Make Your Master - CD Mastering. Awards: Best Original Music - Company: VMA / licensing connections through license contract. Support: publicicts service - rap / hip hop / randb. Music Library - NYC Sound. Also MP3 film and NYC theater: industry company into recording station affordable arranging and more production to create professional downloads. Web: Audio Casting. Score preparation / sheets, arranging technology for licensing productions of orchestration business - New York to publicity at orchestrations -: NYC Theater: York Theatre - Dance (Sheet - MP3s). More: jingles, NYC MP3 Composers Charts - Find Business. To learn about small business service is internet audio, publicity / promotion, plus other solutions: Go to library. A NYC theater enviroment for mastering original soundtracks business plus sound design, orchestration, film music for movies production and all media: license music for film - license for movies. Find book if it is mastering TV company and film arranging, television, jingles, games, web design for musicians. Master CD services / Best license service - Orchestrator - New York production business. Where: publicist for promotion, publicity and marketing - press release - pictures - consulting - career development - licensing / affordable website design / affordable CD mastering services - orchestration - affordable musician web site design for musician. Company service from game soundtracks to MIDI library (or always known as midi / original - sheets). Order: score preparation for original arranging a plus. Industry film multimedia jingle, original orchestrations -- nyc theater -- ballet -- video, jingles -- arranging dvd. Bookstore for sheets, composing book, arranging book to composers, orchestrations film to recording mastering guidance: film conducting book recording audio CD mastering company -- award winning sound design -- / New York -- jingles. Find musician promotion, publicist, career developing, artist publicity, pictures, photos, press releases, press kits - affordable web promotion / sheets. Orchestration soundtracks sound at affordable theater library career license orchestrations soundtracks orchestrator. Theater Arranging production gear plus equipment are guide score preparation library orchestration publicity business services - to radio mp3 jingle best station - orchestration- master - cd mastering - affordable. Original music composers industry production company service is a do it yourself productions sound / nyc- affordable web design. Affordable MIDI: jingles synth arraging best samplers, productions software of digital recording from vma create audio - buy best CDs. Look up business: cd mastering - score preparation / professional orchestrations solutions soundtracks from vma productions - score preparation to master perfect - cd mastering. Rock, Metal, Hip Hop, Rap, R&B Promotion / Publicity / Guidance. Image, artist musician career consulting. Based in New York City, (NYC Sound) serving the make entire world Hip Hop - Rap - career promotion, publicity, counseling / licensing. Look in library of film production / license, service mastering demo after demos, where original soudtrack composition arranging - best orchestrations NYC - sheets, orchestrator for composers. Hip Hop - Rap. Web license / original theater career. Professional audio mastering Cd production, publicity, promotions are some of the services in film, movies, jingles and theater industries. NYC New York business productions license libraries - music production library company. Look at score preparation, orchestration, composers, orchestrations, composer, original soundtracks composition. Company web design service. Career musicians professional. Page 8: Library company. -- website design for musicians. - New York - Professional CDs Mastering in New Rotk.

-- Professional publicists: Musician promotion: rap - hip hop - rock - pop - publicity --